Sunday, 4 April 2010

Army Star - Quilted, Bound, Finished - Hoorah!

I finally finished a quilting project :-)

I machine quilted this, mainly in the ditch but with a few outlining lines thrown in.  Backed with tan swirly fabric (a bargain at £4 per metre from the Spring Quilt Festival :-)) then did lazy binding by bringing some of the backing to the front to bind.  I did have a minor mishap when I accidentally cut through part of the backing when trimming the wadding back :oops: but managed to rescue it without tooooo much trauma.

What I did learn from quilting this was that there is no way, with my current setup, that I am ever going to be able to machine quilt my Jacob's Ladder quilt - it is just too damned big!  This feeling was reinforced when I spent this afternoon sewing blackout lining into Gman's curtains (he has the lightest room in the house and the flimsiest curtains - doh) and I really struggled to manoeuvre the curtains.  So, looks like I might have to consider hand quilting after all.  Might get it finished before the end of the decade..!

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