Friday, 24 September 2010

Still here!

It's been a busy few weeks and sewing has been on a bit of a back burner but I have been beavering away on hand quilting my Jacob's Ladder quilt (30 blocks down, *only* 50 more to do :-)). Struggling a bit with sewing my hexagons because I really can't see well enough in electric light to do these accurately enough, and chances during daylight hours to sew are few and far between!

After laying out my house blocks for Waif's quilt it was looking like the village needed a couple more houses so I knocked these up:

too much caffeine house
jazz house

The first one is "too much caffeine house" and the second one is clearly inhabited by a jazz musician ;-)

I think the gaps will be filled with trees, stars, and random bits and pieces. I found this tutorial on tree blocks, so think I will be giving that a go.


  1. If you want to do easy trees, treat the top like either flying geese and do loads attached to a long trunk or do a house roof and attach that to a "trunk".

    Love both houses, but the first one really catches my eye.

    Have a great weekend and if you find any books in the cat rescue charity shop in Wisbech give me first refusal. Nudge nudge wink wink.


  2. Great houses! I like your plan for the quilt too. Trees and stars, etc. Wonderful!

    I would be so intimidated by having 50 blocks to hand-quilt! Good luck. You'll get there...just keep plugging away.

  3. Oh I LOVE the houses!! Then I clicked on your link to the tree tutorial and got the biggest shock ever to see that it was mine! lol!! Thanks for making my day :)

  4. Lol! Glad I made your I will have to make sure I do your tree tutorial justice, cos I know you'll be watching :-)


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