Friday, 29 October 2010

Back in Black (and red)

Well, I finally got round to completing the flying geese borders for Gman's red and black quilt. I am loving the way it looks so far but it's not quite big enough yet, so not sure what to add to bring it up to size...any ideas?!? It is wide enough, but needs to be longer, so looking at adding top and bottom borders.

WIP - flying geese border added


  1. I think blue top and bottom with another goose or log cabin in each corner. Maybe bound with red...just a suggestion. I really like the oversized geese.

  2. I would do another border of the blue strips and if you have to do 2 or 3 rows of those rectangles just do that
    it will balance out all the red too in mho...
    looks great I love graphic quilts and this one just speaks to me!!!!
    what size are those flying geese? What size is the quilt now????

  3. Thanks for your comments Cheri & Kathie. The colours aren't very accurate in the photo, thanks to the rubbish British weather - the quilt is actually black and red (rather than blue and red) but looks better in real life!

    I like your idea of adding another border of the rectangles, think I would prefer doing that to cutting long strips of one material, and agree that the red needs balancing out. I am toying with the idea of adding the black border(s) then another layer of flying geese just at the bottom. Decisions, decisions! It's lovely to hear what other quilters think, and gives me plenty of ideas to think about.

    Kathie - the geese are 8 x 4 inches each, and the quilt is now 48 inches square(ish).

    Viv x


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