Monday, 15 November 2010

A New Toy and a Proud Boy

Woohoo - I am the proud owner of an embellishing machine :-). It's a Pfaff 350P - check it out. I've done a bit of experimenting with various materials, yarns, ribbons, scraps...and so far this is my favourite piece, felted from pieces of two scarves I bought from a charity shop (plus a teeny bit of chiffon), then hand stitched with chain stitch swirly bits:

woolly chain stitch close up
woolly chain stitch really close up

I think what I will love best about the embellisher is the opportunity to use all sorts of scraps and shiny bits...and making lovely textured surfaces to embroider on. Watch this space!

On the subject of proud, my eldest son, Gman, completed his first quilt project this week. He made a nine patch table runner for his bedroom drawers. He chose all the fabrics and pieced and quilted it himself. As you can see, he is very pleased with his efforts! And his mama is very proud :-)

proud with quilt


  1. How on earth did you manage to smuggle that in to the house without DH seeing? Am I to assume that you are rapidly becoming the Postcard Queen?

    Love Gman's quilt.

  2. Lol - luckily has coincided with DH wanting a new piece of kit for his computer, so able to justify the purchase hehe...and also giving away my first sewing machine to a lady that teaches patchwork classes in Norwich so making space for embellisher :-)

  3. Great job, GMAN. My son makes his own quilts too!


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