Monday, 10 October 2011

Paint, Stamp, Stick, Sew

Well, I've been a bit more creative this last few days, I think!

For my index cards, I prepped up a bunch of cards with gesso and acrylic paint, then each day picked out a card and added stamps, collaged bits, words etc. This was a fun way to work, cos it's not practical to paint every day (I make such a mess!) but I like the depth a painted background adds to what I make. Anyway, have a look:

icad october #9icad october #8icad october #7icad october #6icad october #10

Sewing wise, I have made a start on the last of my niece/nephew name panels. This one is for my youngest nephew, baby Harry:


I have to add borders, then quilt and bind but I've done the tricky letter making bit, and love how it looks. Something about the way the "a" sits next to the "H"...

Otherwise, I have been beavering away hand quilting "Fenced in". I am quilting with big stitches in pearl cotton, and *hoping* to get it done with the next month or so ready for the winter but we'll have to wait and see. Hand quilting should not be rushed I feel :-). At least, that's my excuse, and I'm sticking with it!


  1. Painting your index cards ahead of time is a great idea! It makes so much more sense to get all messy once, instead of time and again every time you want to do a card. How fun to pick through a stack of possibilities to make one each day!

  2. Smart idea to paint your cards ahead of time! I'm a messy painter too. Your cards look great! I love the cherry blossom one best.
    The name banner is wonderful, I just love these. You're being so productive, girl!

  3. Your letters are getting better and better. Love that a

  4. You're always so busy. Painting the backgrounds of the cards ahead of time is smart. I like doing that in my art journal.

    I'm sure little Harry will like his banner. The lime green against the black and white really pops.


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