Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Turn Out the Lights

It's been a while since I did any art journalling, but I was inspired by something I read this week to put together this spread:

turn out the lights

The page was one I had already prepped with black gesso and I cut the "Turn Out The Lights" from a magazine a while back, knowing that it would come in useful one day!  The reading that inspired it was from a book about Zen koans called Bring Me the Rhinoceros.  I have to concede that a lot of this book is way beyond my level of understanding but there are odd bits that sink in and get me thinking.  This particular koan was about being open to the idea that everything is inconceivable when it comes down to it, so that rather than trying to know the unknown we should "make friends with the inconceivable" and "start an exploration into the unlit realms".  Fascinating stuff and an excuse to break out the metallic pens and silver star stickers :-)


  1. I like this spread so much. Black gesso is one of my favorites to work with. Everything seems to pop off the page when I use it.

    The book sounds interesting and I like the idea that everything is inconceivable....until we think of it and make it real.

  2. Lovely!! Sounds like an interesting book - but I think I prefer a good murder mystery, lol!

  3. Good for you, making some sense out of that book. I checked it out of the library not long ago, but I don't think I had the attention at that moment that it required! How nice that it inspired a return to journaling for you!


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