Monday, 22 March 2010

Warm and Fuzzy Morsbags Feelings

I must admit, I haven't been doing much Morsbagging lately, for a few reasons.  Firstly, because I have been so busy with my patchwork/quilting but secondly because I was beginning to feel that I had given one to everyone I could think of, and more than one to some people (!), and that I was too scared to hand them out willynilly on the streets!  My experience with Transition King's Lynn of trying to give things away for free (fresh veg in that instance) wasn't altogether a positive one.  People are very suspicious of free stuff!!

However, this week, I took a Morsbag in to Sara at Nourish Cafe (a local wholefood cooperative cafe) and she loved it and asked if I could let her have some to give to customers in the shop.  First off, she wanted to buy some, but I explained the ethos of Morsbags and the fact that it remained very important that they were given away for free.  She suggested putting a poster with them explaining Morsbags and that she would be happy for the cafe to act as a collection point for people to donate their unwanted curtains, sheets etc for future Morsbags.  Newly inspired, I set to work and made loads of  Morsbags this weekend:

The second warm, fuzzy Morsbagging incident occurred in the local sewing shop.  I was buying some blackout curtain lining for Gman's curtains and had a rummage through the remnants while I was there, looking for morsbaggable material.  The lady at the counter remembered before that I made bags from the bits and asked me about them - I happened to have a couple with me, which she exclaimed over "they're beautiful!" and "look at these, aren't they wonderful?" to passing customers and other staff.  So of course, I had to give her a bag (even though it was one of my personal faves lol) and she was gushingly happy with it :-).  I came away with a lovely glowing feeling of having made her day!

Morsbag tally is now up to 88 so think I will have to make a couple more this week, just to get to a nice round 90.

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  1. I've seen reusable bags, but never heard of the Morsbags (and I spent a month in the Uk this past summer). How lovely!


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