Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Latest Sewing Projects

No, I haven't quilted the Jacob's Ladder yet *blush* but have finished piecing sofa throw:

and I think this might be a better size for first quilt!  It's the Army Star I made, surrounded by split nine patches.  As you can see, although it is another "scrap" quilt, I have been much more controlled in my use of colour so that it would blend with the sofa and curtains etc.  I think it has quite an old fashioned feel to it and I rather like it.

In a totally different style, I have been practising quilting on a very small scale with these fun little beach hut coasters and mat I made for mum's caravan:

They are far from perfect but think the wonkiness is "whimsical" (at least that's what I keep telling myself lol).  And it gave me a chance to try out different needles and so on with quilted project.  I used Insul-Brite batting, which is heat proof but does feel quite nasty and crinkly.

This weekend I went with mum to the Spring Quilt Festival.  It was amazing.  The competition quilts were beautiful and I felt very inspired to try new things.  Plus, I have never seen so much beautiful fabric and bargains and quilting books and quilting gadgets was marvellous!!  I particularly loved the quilts made by Pat Deacon.  And when I got home from the day, Gman had made this to put on the door:


My next projects will be quilts for the boys.  Gman has requested a red and black quilt, which I am going to do in a log cabin style (watch this space for pics!) and Waif wants orange and brown.  I saw this picture on Flickr and think Waif's will be a wonky house quilt.

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