Thursday, 10 June 2010

I have mostly been...

...making Morsbags

...and sewing hexagons:

I have decided to sew together hexies into individual flowers of similar colours as I go along so I don't have a huge task of sewing them all together at the end!  I am not sure how I will be arranging them but will just see when I've got enough, whether they look better grouped together by colour or laid out randomly.


  1. I love your hexies! What bright happy colors! How big are they?
    What are the Morsbags for? You've certainly made a lot of them! They look great.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  2. The hexies are 1 inch each side. Think I will need over a thousand for a lap size quilt but they do sew up pretty quickly and are very portable :-)

    Morsbags are resuable shopping bags made from old curtains, sheets, tablecloths (any fabric people are chucking out basically) and you give them out for free to encourage people to use less plastic. Have a look at It's a lovely project.

  3. I did a hexie lap quilt for my Aunt in England. I did it in watercolor style and let the colors blend into each other. It turned out beautifully. I received so many compliments and even had offers to purchase for quite the sum. You might try thinking along those lines. I forgot to take a picture of it or I'd send it. I started w/the blues in the top left and ended up w/all the hot reds in the bottom right. Hilary


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