Saturday, 10 July 2010

A Brief Foray into the World of Polyester

Well, one of my sewing goals for 2010 was to attempt to make something I could wear and I have achieved that!  Well, sort of...I suppose technically I could wear it but M would probably file for divorce if I didn't dehydrate from sweating so much in the night first.  Yes, it's a nightie made from some ahem..."vintage" polyester sheets!!

It hasn't been a total waste of time because I have learned a few things:

(a) polyester is not nice to sew.  and even not nicer to wear.

(b) I may have erred on the side of caution a little too far with the hemline...

(c) my gathering stitches will be seen so it might be an idea to use a coordinating thread :-P

I may give it another go using cotton...

...or I may just stick to patchwork!

The Village is Growing

In the meantime, I have put together a few more blocks on Waif's houses quilt.  I am enjoying this process.  Take the house, add a tree, or a star, or some flying geese until it's the right width to fit together with the others.  Fun!


  1. It's cute tho I agree polyester is not real comfy.

  2. Polyester often looks really good but it never feels good! Too bad.
    Love your houses.

  3. Looks brilliant though and I love the patch work too.



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