Thursday, 30 December 2010

2010 in Stitches

Well, that's 2010 nearly all sewn up (boom boom!) and I think I achieved a fair bit, sewing wise:

  • I completed my Jacob's Ladder quilt top, started late 2009 and am part way through quilting it. It's taking a little longer than I originally expected mainly because I made the decision to hand rather than machine quilt. I have counted up, and I have completed 59 out of the 80 blocks. Estimated time spent hand quilting this so far = 24 hours. Yikes. Think I will stick to smaller projects and machine quilting.

  • quilt in hoop
  • I have nearly completed quilt tops for both Gman and Waif.  Gman's red and black quilt centre is complete, and I working on some wonky square blocks for top and bottom borders (all will be revealed in time).  Waif's village quilt is waiting for a few more trees and lots more fences.

  • WIP - flying geese border added
  • I made a few mini quilts:  a beach hut themed one for my mum's caravan; a scrappy Army Star/Split Nine Patch for the back of the sofa and recently a little hexagon quilt for Waif's Guinea Baby toy.

  • guinea baby's quilt
  • I made a start on a hexagon charm quilt.  Lost momentum a bit on this one TBH, but might pick it up again in the summer, cos I was very partial to sitting in the garden with these!  Bring on the summer.

  • hexies on the garden chair
  • Made a nightie.  Think my dressmaking career endeth there ;-)

  • mama's nightie
  • Made a load more Morsbags...current tally stands at 137.

  • kitchen bags
  • Started to learn embroidery with the help of Sharon's Stitch Files.

  • running stitch closeup
  • Bought an embellisher machine and made a few cloths with this, plus a couple of little pouches.

  • winter scene
  • Helped Gman to make two quilts himself, and Waif to make a little drawstring bag.

proud with quilt
All in all a sewtastic year :-)

So, goals for 2011?!

  • Get the Jacob's Ladder quilt quilted and bound - hopefully within the next two months.

  • Complete quilt top for Gman.  Should have this done by the end of January, or hopefully earlier.  Then to decide how to quilt...?

  • Complete Waif's liberated village quilt top.  This might take a bit longer...

  • Continue learning to embroider with the help of the Stitch Files.

  • Make something with a zip.  (this was a goal for 2010, but never seemed to have gotten round to it)

  • Have a go at some free pieced letters a la Tonya Ricucci

  • Make a journal quilt each month (in collaboration with a new quilty friend).  Watch this space for more info...

I also have a hankering to make an art doll after borrowing Jan Horrox's book from the library.  Yes, I quite possibly have lost the plot :-)

Basically, I just want to continue to learn all I can about quilting, embroidery and all things textile.  And to have fun doing it!


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