Friday, 17 December 2010

A Finish

guinea baby's quilt

Not a WIP, or even a WISP, and defo not a's a finished quilt! OK, so it's only 16 inches square, but it's complete!

It's a Christmas present for Waif's soft toy guinea pig - "Guinea Baby" who particularly likes hexagons and the colours red, yellow and orange. Apparently. Hope he approves.

The hexagons are flowers I made for my hexagon charm quilt (before I decided on the star layout) and I hand appliqued them onto the squares. I machine pieced the squares and machine quilted. The binding is "mock binding" ie the backing brought forward to the front.


  1. I love the colours. Very autumnal.

  2. Too cute! Heck, any self respecting guinea pig would go hog wild over this ;) It only goes to show how fun and easy making a quilt can truly be!


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