Sunday, 15 May 2011

Art Journal Inspirations

I have been doing quite a bit of art journalling these last few weeks. When I started, I figured this would be an exciting, creative journey. Quite unexpectedly, it has turned into something of an emotional and spiritual journey as well. The spreads I am creating are really quite personal and private, hence me not showing many of them on here. However, I am also really getting into the painting, collaging, stamping aspects and would like to explore the journalling further and so I ordered this book:

Art Journal Workshop

It's an excellent guide for those getting started on creating art journals. There are tips and how-to's on the practical things like choosing a book, adding colour to the page, integrating collage items. This practical advice is supplemented with a series of prompts to give you ideas for spreads and these are accompanied by process photos of the author making her spreads on these themes. There is also a DVD with the book, but I haven't got round to watching this (I have always preferred learning from books).

One of the ideas the author gives is to repurpose an old book to use as a journal. I am just about overcoming my childhood reluctance to write in books (even in pencil) so to paint in a book! And stick things in it! And rip pages out! Wow, that would be out of my comfort zone...but then I found this old Eagle book in a charity shop:

Eagle Annual cover

As you can see, it's in a pretty tatty state so I am guessing not worth any more than the £2.50 I paid for it...and it's not really to modern boys' reading


And who could resist the collage potential of pages like these:

eagle annual toadstools
eagle annual bicycles
eagle annual river of life
eagle annual knots



  1. I'm drooling over those collage pages! They will be great to work with.

    I was the same way about books when I first started journaling. Now I happily rip, paint, and otherwise "destroy" the original pages. There are a ton of "worthless" books that are just begging to become an art journal.

  2. Great book to use for journaling--fun vintage graphics and interesting content! I recently got Traci's book, too, and am finding it quite inspirational. I'm glad that art journaling is becoming such a meaningful experience for much as I am enjoying the artistic aspects of the process, it hasn't quite become an emotional/spiritual experience yet. I think that will add significantly to the quality of my pages!!

  3. This looks very cool - not sure I could ever do that to a book though, lol. Maybe a very dry chemistry textbook!

  4. Oh, I can't wait to see what you do with this book. I've given journaling some thought, but I'm not there quite yet. Good luck with your endeavor, I know you will like it...alot.

  5. You are having fun with all these new projects.I hope you will look out for Sue Bleiweiss' book next Spring.
    Thanks so much for reading my blog.


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