Thursday, 5 May 2011

Mostly Green

After last week's burst of yellow, this week's WIPs are mostly green :-)

WIP - Ben
Rather shamefully, I didn't manage an April gift for Allie's Christmas Through the Year challenge, so figured I would make an early start on May's. I have pieced another name panel, this time for my nephew Ben. I have quilted by hand and now all that remains is to bind it and add a hanging sleeve. I love these two fabrics together.

WIP - fabric collage

May's journal quilt technique is collage, and fabric collage is also the 3 Creative Studio blog's Technique of the Month so I have made a start on a collage background for this. I gathered together a load of green scraps, plus a little orange and gold shiny bit for "zing" and fused them onto Vilene. Next job is to FMQ all over this to secure the pieces, then I will be adding collage flowers. I am hoping for a lovely spring-like feel to this one.


  1. "Ben" looks really good. Yup. Those colours go together.

  2. I keep changing my mind about my May gift for Allie's challenge - I need to make a decision and get it kitted up to work on! A friend gifted me with a gorgeous piece of fabric and I thought I would make 2 boxy bags from it - one for her and one for me. It would be perfect for a Christmas gift, but I don't know if I could wait that long to give it to her, LOL.

    Ben's name panel is adorable - hopefully he doesn't read the blog ;) Your collage is beautiful - will it be a wall panel?

  3. LOVE Ben's name quilt - those two fabrics are great together! Your spring piece looks wonderful already, can't wait to see it with the flowers!

  4. It is spring like, all those greens soothing to my soul! Looking forward to more done on it.

  5. Lovely, Viv! There is just such a special flair to everything you do. I love coming here for the sheer variety of artistic expression in your work. Blog land is lucky to have you!!


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