Friday, 19 August 2011

Let the Liberation Begin!

Well, I made it to the Festival of Quilts and yes, it was awesome and no, one day wasn't enough. But this year I prioritised seeing the exhibition quilts (I did take photos, but not sure of the copyright issues of putting them on the interwebs) over and above checking out all the stalls, so came home with a relatively modest amount of stuff:

FOQ Booty

Mostly some delicious Kona solids from the Simply Solids stall, plus a spotty Kaffe layer cake, and a charm pack...and yes, I succumbed to the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book! I have been studying the blocks and a lot can be liberated by using corner cover triangles for HST and flying geese type units; or cut wonkily by stacking fabrics; and some could be made conventionally but oversized and then wonkified by recutting on the slant. It's going to be a fun project for sure :-)

And I made a start on it today. Here are my first two blocks. First up, Autumn Tints:

Autumn Tints with book

As you can maybe tell, I messed up with the placement of my four patches, but ho-hum, this is a liberated version and I like the way they look, so I won't be getting out the seam ripper!!

Second up is Big Dipper:

Big Dipper with book

Love how it turned out :-)

I can't quite believe that I have managed to keep up with the ICAD challenge, although I admit some days it hasn't been easy:

icad 18 august

and then the boys show me up with their creativity (first by Gman, second by Waif):

icad 18 august gman icad 18 august waif

We will definitely keep going until the end of August. But after that, I think we will all be desperate to create something BIG!


  1. Love the fabric & the cards!!

  2. The ICADs are great! Your fabric choices look very nice.

  3. Good for you, jumping right in and trying new patterns from your book. I love the idea of a "liberated version" of the pattern! That's even better, I think!

  4. Hi...the quilt blocks as well as the icads are great...I got behind on making my icads but I think I can catch up next week.

  5. Oooo, the spotted Kaffe pack looks yummy! I love dots! And I think your wonky Farmer's Wife blocks are great! I like them better than "regular" ones. Hee hee! Way to go!

  6. Love your blocks!! And of course the ICADs!

  7. Great purchases - I really admire that you have put them to good use right away. I hadn't heard about ICAD before, but what a great idea!

  8. Your liberated blocks are really inspiring!


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