Thursday, 11 August 2011

Unruly Nephew (and Wife?)

True to my promise to myself, I have made a start on my next present for Allie's Christmas Through the Year challenge. I am making name panels for all my nieces and nephews using Unruly Quilter Tonya's techniques. You can see previous panels here, here, here and here. This one is for my second eldest nephew, Charlie:

charlie pieced

As you can see, it's not quilted yet. I think I will have to keep the quilting pretty simple given the crazy nature of the background fabric!

And, then I have this Unruly Farmer's Wife thing going on in my head. You will probably have seen all over blogland, peeps taking part in the Farmers Wife Quiltalong. Now, I don't really *do* making other people's quilt patterns, or following rules and templates but I keep seeing the blocks and thinking "ooh, that could be free pieced". So now I'm thinking "how about a liberated/free pieced/wonky farmers wife quilt?". And I could call it the Unruly Wife, which would be much more up my street!! I'm still thinking about it...but it is growing and growing in my head :-)

And I realised I haven't blogged about the ICAD Challenge for a while. I have still been creating an index card a day, although I admit it is getting harder to know what to do each time! Here's a few recent ones:

Cards inspired by my love of quilts:
icad 8 augusticad 30 july

Doodley ones:
icad 5 august
icad 7 august icad 9 august

Favourite poetry:
icad  6 augusticad 2 august icad 29 july

Cards reflecting my spiritual journey:
icad  3 august icad 10 august

But of all the index cards I have made, none of them make me smile as much as this one made by my six year old son, Waif:

icad  4 august waif

I love it!


  1. Great letter. Lovely blue.

    I seem to recall we were going to do something similar with the Dear Jane blocks. Did you ever get round to it? I know someone started, but can't remember who.

    I might start doodling on index cards and see what happens.

  2. Your index cards are all great but I have to agree with you....your son's card is fantastic! There's something so special about kid's art. They're so free and easy with it.

    My other favs are your spiritual cards.

  3. Great index cards...I love the one with the cirlces and your son's card is so cute!!! That quilt is going to be fantastic!

  4. The quilt panel is awesome, great colours and design, he will be so happy! And the last icad with the faces is so cute, wow! One creative child!

  5. The name panel for Charlie is very striking - love that B&W fabric! Yes, calm quilting sounds right for that one.

    I thought of a liberated Farmer's Wife too, but it was just a passing thought for me!

    Love your cards! And your son's card is so fun. Good for him!

  6. Great fun! You'll have to tell us their reactions at Christmas..something very powerful about all of our names!! Lovely fun with the 'art cards'!!!

  7. whee, love the name! great combo of color and pattern. I really like your doodly circle card.


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