Monday, 12 September 2011

Checkin in with the Challenges

Another ring added to my Hexalong project:

10 rings of hexies
10 rings close-up

That's 331 hexagons stitched together. Phew.

And, yes, I've been continuing with the ICAD Challenge:

icad september #6icad september #7icad september #8icad september #10icad september #12

As you can see, I haven't really stuck to much of a theme with these ones and I did (shock horror!) even miss one day, though still on track to complete 25 for September :-)

Now all I need to do is start on something for the Christmas Through the Year Challenge for September. I am feeling a bit uninspired :-(


  1. Oh, your quilt is looking fantastic! I always liked to sit and look at all the little pieces on the quilts at my grandma's house....I'd love to see yours in person, and just look at each and every little bit of fabric.

    Good for you continuing on with the ICADs. I fizzled out.

  2. That quilt is making my jaw drop - it is gorgeous! I can't imagine doing all that! Love your drawings too, especially the roman soldier - loved doing that with my boys.
    I'll try to get some more tutorials posted, see if we can't get inspired together, lol.

  3. Fantastic quilt you've got going! wow, it must be taking slightly forever! but well worth the energy.
    All your cards are so fabulous! I like are the curly swirly's you got going on!

  4. 331! I just fell off my chair ;) Amazing and wonderful...will love to see how many you create by the end of this wonderful project!

  5. Your quilt really IS gorgeous, Viv!

  6. WOW, I am totally overwhelmed by this quilt, I have just started paper piecing so I appreciate how much work has gone into that, I am truly in awe, sooOoo beautiful. Thanks for your cheery hello :)


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