Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Seeing Red

I've gone with a red theme for my most recent index cards:

icad september #2icad september #3icad september #4icad september #5

I did prep 7 index cards with red acrylic paint, thinking I would do a week's worth of red cards, but I feel all red-ed out now so maybe I'll save them for later.

I thought I'd better share a bit of sewing, just in case you thought I'd forgotten this was meant to be a sewing blog. Here are a couple more blocks for my Liberated Wife quilt:

waste not

I love the "Waste Not" block but not so keen on Linoleum...I think it's the colour of the solid I used. It's just a bit too pinky pink. Meh.

I am still beavering away at my hexagon charm quilt, I have about 6 or 7 more hexagons until I have completed the next light coloured round. I have had to raid my mum's stash tho, cos running short of light colours, so not sure what I will do when I get to the next round! Maybe a white/cream charm pack..?

That's all, folks.


  1. I like that breathing in/breathing out index card...very much along the lines of things I've been reading lately. A good mantra to keep in mind!

  2. I like your red index cards and especially the one about breathing in and out. I'm not continuing on with the cards....at least not in a formal way. I may make one now and then but not every day.

  3. I'm doing a bit of breathing in and out at the moment, but would really like to slam a few doors!

    Glad you're continue with the cards.

  4. Doh "continuing" with the cards!

  5. well I like the anger one, breathing in, breathing out - although I'm usually breathing fire. LOVE your liberated blocks!


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