Monday, 2 January 2012

A Crazy Start

January block pieced

With some trepidation I started cutting into some of my selected fabrics to piece my first ever crazy quilt block. I used the "antique method" described by J Marsha Michler in her book Crazy Quilting The Complete Guide. This basically involves cutting patches and placing them randomly, then turning under seam allowances, pressing them and basting (as you can see from this detail):

elephant seam closeup

I liked the painterly/collage type of feel to this method, but did find it rather time consuming and laborious. I may try machine piecing my next block.

The idea of the Crazy Quilt Journal Project is to extend your own skills in crazy quilting, and already I am learning a lot! Next time I need to make sure that I cut the patches big enough for the seam allowances to extend beyond the marked foundation, as I think I may end up having to trim this block to half an inch smaller than I had originally intended. Also, my curved piece at top right may have been a little too steeply curved as I found it very difficult to turn under the seam allowance.

On a positive note - I am pleased with the overall composition and the colours.

And now I have to decide how to embellish the block. Where on earth to start??!?


  1. Wow! This is beautiful!! The elephant just sets it off perfectly. I've always been a big fan of crazy quilts. Never made one, never owned one but I love them.

  2. These colors and the collage-y effect of the crazy quilt design are awesome! Keep looks like a tremendously time-consuming project that is going to be AMAZING when you are finished!

  3. Oh my - this is just stunning! I'd say you're off to a marvelous start!

  4. Oh the colours are so joyful, love this!


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