Thursday, 21 January 2010

Good and Bad

I have been beavering away at my Jacob's Ladder quilt and have assembled 12 more blocks and got several units partially made to turn into more blocks:

When I compare these to the previous set of blocks, they are much tidier and I think I have used the light/dark contrast more successfully (I think to start off with, I was using too many brights rather than lights). The fact that I am improving is, of course, good news...the bad news is that the first six or eight blocks I made might not be good enough to put into the quilt :-( I am not going to scrap these outright but rather use them to practice my quilting technique.  I have a sample pack of eco-friendly wadding from The Cotton Patch, so I might make up a mini-quilt to give each of these a try before deciding what to use in the full size quilt.  I like the feel of the cotton/bamboo wadding the best but will see how they all sew, and wash.

Moving back to the improvements in piecing, I can summarise the reasons for the improved accuracy below:

1. I have got a bit more confident with the rotary cutter, especially at cutting strips

2. I have worked out how to use my quarter inch foot properly!!  When I first had it I was lining the edge of the fabric up with what turned out to be 3/8 inch rather than 1/4 inch.  Only 1/8 inch difference but it soon adds up over several seams.

3.  I have learned the correct method for pressing seams - no steam and press on the right side - the opposite to what I was doing!

I am continuing to voraciously consume any quilting books and magazines I can lay my hands on, so hope to continue with the improvements until I manage to make a perfectly, perfectly square block.  I will do it, I will!

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