Monday, 18 January 2010

Mini Morsbagging and More Patchwork

I have had a session of mini-Morsbagging this week - that is, a session of making mini Morsbags, rather than a mini session of making Morsbags :-) Having unwrapped last week's Layer Cake, I couldn't quite bring myself to part with the woven Moda ribbon that tied it up, and thought it would make some handles for a little Morsbag, so I made a couple using the ribbon as handle, plus a couple more while I was in the mood.  Here they are:

Just the right size to take a paperback and some sunglasses to the beach.  Ha ha, chance and fine thing spring to mind!

Jacob's Ladder

I have made five more blocks for my Jacob's Ladder quilt:

Of course, it would have been six blocks, were it not for this "Whoops!" block!

I thought about unpicking it and sewing the units together again, the right way, but thought this might distort the material and mess it up, so I'm just going to keep hold of it, maybe use it in the backing or something.  It's a bit of a bugger, cos I think it's the neatest block I have sewn so far and it's got a couple of my fave fabrics in to boot.  Must pay more attention.  Must pay more attention.  Must pay more attention.

I have got four more four patch units ready to pair up with some half square triangles too:

Stay at Home Quilt

For those that saw this post, I conducted a poll amongst friends and family and option 5 was definitely the overall favourite so this is the one I went with.  Having looked at what I've done so far, I am sort of wondering whether to stop with one more border and turn it into a quilted cushion cover, rather than keeping going to make a full size quilt.  This is because (a) I want to get practising some actual quilting soon so a full size quilt isn't my first quilted project and (b) cos it looks so nice against the green of our new sofa:

I will wait and see what next month's magazine brings - if the border looks impossibly hard I might just put a plain border round and call it a day!


  1. Your mini-Morsbags are great! I love the way you recycled the ribbon, too. :)

  2. Thank you! I'm not very good at throwing things away :-)


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