Monday, 8 February 2010

Nearly There...

Well, I have made the requisite number of blocks for my Jacob's Ladder quilt, according to the pattern in Scrap Quilt Sensation.   Not having a space big enough to spread them all out, I took the whole lot round to my mum's house and we spent about an hour and a half switching the blocks around to ensure no two colours the same were next each other.  Here's how it looked at that point:

Looking at it, I decided I didn't really like it being square, so we then shifted the blocks round so it was longer than it was wide, and I think it looked much better:

But then, I decided it wasn't big enough!  If I'm going to put all this work into making a quilt, then why not make it big enough for my own bed?!  So I am going to make another 15 blocks to make it big enough for a double bed :-)

So that the time spent arranging and rearranging the blocks wasn't completely wasted, mum and I pinned the blocks to an old double sheet to keep them together.  Phew.  Thanks mum x


  1. That's one of my favourite books too... your quilt is lovely.... and what a fantastic Mum you have!
    Good luck with making it bigger.

  2. Yep, mum's great! Glad you like the quilt :-)


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