Monday, 10 May 2010

All Hooped Up and Ready to Go (aka Thanks Mum!)

I have finally bitten the bullet and prepared my Jacob's Ladder quilt for hand quilting.  It took me and mum about four hours (thanks Mum, you're a star!)  to hand baste it but I think we did a good job, it seems very secure.  So "all" I have to do now is quilt it :-P

I have bought a selection of different coloured cotton quilting threads so I can keep with the multicoloured scrap vibe.  Am finding the thread damn slippery stuff, it keeps trying to escape from the spools.  Any tips on preventing this would be gratefully received!

I haven't made any more liberated houses this week, but have made four little liberated stars for  Gman's red and black quilt.  These are only three inches across so difficult to get them to lay flat for a photo but I think they look quite sweet.  I will probably make a few pinwheel blocks this size too and intersperse with plain black squares to make up the next border.  That way I can lop bits off or add bits on to make the borders the right size, without worrying about having to match anything up.  It's not lazy, it's liberated :-)

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  1. Wow, your liberated work is so good! You've really embraced the Liberated! And I agree, once you've been liberated, the regular patchwork is kind of boring. It's hard to go back!

    As far as those threads, it's hard for me to tell from the photo, but I think those are the kind of spools that have one end that pulls out a little bit. You can pull it out and wrap the thread around it once or twice, and then push the end back in and it stays contained. Give it a try....just remember, some of those spools are kind of stiff, so it may take some turning of the end to get it to loosen up. Hope it works!


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