Wednesday, 12 May 2010

When did the village get so big?

I made this house.  It's kind of conventional compared to the others but if you look closely, the bottom half fabric is snakeskin so I guess someone quite wild might live here :-)

I have also been making wonky cross blocks for the border of this quilt.  I like the way they look, sort of a crazy picket fence:

While the boys played the Wii earlier, I made use of Gman's lovely big bedroom floor to lay out all of the blocks and wow, the village is getting pretty big :-).

Not sure how to sew them all together but thought I would add bits to the sides of each house block so I could have columns of equal width to sew together eg one column where everything is 12 inches wide, one 15 inches wide etc.  If I try and vary which side I add the bits to, this shouldn't look too uniform hopefully.  So, now to make some random bits to make blocks up to size :-).  I'm thinking half square triangles, little log cabin blocks, strippy bits...and maybe a few more trees and stars.  What fun!


  1. I totally love it. Wonky houses are my favorite thing to piece. Have you tried the letters yet?

  2. You and your liberated houses will be my inspiration to make my own houses! I love working that way, but I still tend to "control" everything too much. Your quilt will look great when finished. Kathleen C.

  3. Thank you both, I am glad you like them. I haven't tried letters yet, but may well add my son's name to the quilt somewhere which will give me an excuse to have a go!

  4. this is a blast! wonderful. by the way, love your header photo!


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