Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Choo Choo Choose the Train

If I were to make a list of a few of my favourite things (feel free to sing to the tune from the Sound of Music) among them would be:


So it was a no-brainer really to join in with the Craftivist Collective's plan to make train bunting for the Railway Adventure joint protest with Climate Rush. They are campaigning for affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly transport for the UK. What's not to like?!

Not living near any of the cities holding a sew-in last Sunday, my friend Kirsten and I took matters into our own hands and went on a little railway adventure ourselves. We sat on the train and sewed bunting. What fun ;-)

The carriages were mainly prepped ready to go (after raiding the scraps bag and the Box of Random Bits and Pieces for embellishments) and we sewed and wrote various slogans on them. I think Kirsten's "Choo Choo Choose the Train" had to be the most inspired though:

choo choo choose the train

Although 6 year old Woody's train drawing comes pretty close:

woodys carriage

Here's a bunch of photos showing train sewing in progress:

kirsten sews 2
kirsten sews
sewin 1
sewin 2
sewin 3
sewin 4

And a bunch of photos showing some of the finished carriages:

bunch of carriages
fair fares now
closeup carriages
carriage bunting

These will be winging their way now to the Craftivist Collective ready for Sunday's Great Railway Adventure. Go ahead and read more about it here.


  1. Interesting project! I enjoyed reading about it (and seeing your photos too!)

  2. I get the message...what fun you are all having. Kidlets too!!!

  3. What a neat project - and it looked fun too!


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