Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Yellow Days

Well, I did it...a week without Facebook, blogging, compulsive email checking...I would love to say that I found it productive, calming, enlightening...but actually I found it quite isolating. As a stay at home mum, and full time home educator to my boys, I think I rely quite a lot on online contact to stay sane. It allows me to be "Viv" and not just mum, on those days when being home is a challenge. So, although I did gain some extra time and peace from my digital detox, I'm not planning to do it again any time soon!

Anyway, back to sewing and stuff :-)

I finished my April journal quilt, "Shine". The challenge for this month was to make a monochromatic (single colour) quilt. I was all set to make a green quilt, thinking of patchwork landscapes, but when I got my fabrics together they just weren't really talking to me. Outside, the sun was shining, the daffodils in full bloom and I just thought "YES! Yellow!!" After dyeing the fabrics I sewed them together in the strippy design, and added the hand stitching with pearl cotton. I was planning to applique the word "shine" onto the quilt after that but then the goddess figure came to me and insisted she be on the quilt. And who was I to argue? I have left the edges raw because I wanted it to be a bit fuzzy round the edge, I felt it was softer and more appropriate.


I have nearly completed the quilt top for my friend's baby quilt. I just have to add the yellow fabric to the tops and bottoms. Yes, I was planning white, but yellow is the new white, don't you know?!

baby quilt wip

I did a little stitch sample for "Horizontal Arrow Stitch".

arrowhead sample

And I've completed several spreads in my art journal. I have found the art journalling has turned into a bit of an emotional and spiritual journey, rather than just the creative journey I initially expected. To that end, I'm not sure whether this blog is the right place to be writing about it. I am considering starting a new blog for this stuff but not sure if I have the time and inclination to keep up both! Anyway, here's one of the pages, the others will be in my art journal set on Flickr if you are interested...

say wow


  1. You have more discipline than me, the only time I manage to stay away from the internet is if I'm on holiday with no computer access! I love your shine journal quilt. It's so vibrant and happy!

  2. Was wondering where you had got to.

    I didn't find any bargains, but you must get the Handbook of Quilting and Patchwork Stitches by Nikki Tinkler. Brilliant!

  3. I'm afraid I'm with Angela on this one. I give up the computer only while on holiday, but no way I could give it up when at home. I MUST check email and a number of blogs everyday. I don't have a fancy phone and do it all from home. Your new work is beautiful. Funny how we tend to work in one color for a bit. Love the yellow.

  4. Viv, I can't imagine doing this. Sometimes it get overwhelming with all the blogs and emails, but just like you, it's my outlet. I found a homeschool message board when the boys were very small, and I've been a member there for 16 years, it saved my sanity many times and I've made life-long friends [some who I've actually met in person].
    I love Shine. I think it's absolutely brilliant. And I love the yellow in the quilt, so much prettier than white [although I love white!]. Your art journal is breathtaking. I would love to try that - maybe when I get caught up on some projects. Right now my projects are all-consuming.

  5. I take little blog breaks every now and then and they seem to refresh me but I always check my email.

    I love the yellow journal cover! The goddess is perfect on it. And your journal spread is great. I'm off to check out the other photos on Flickr.

  6. I'll say Wow ;-)
    I love your goddess journal quilt.

  7. Welcome back! You have so many goodies highlighted here. Wonderful project your yellow quilt is, love the colors on the strips in the baby quilt, lots of fun vibrancy and interest on your journal spread...thanks for sharing it all!

  8. Hi Viv, love the yellows.... such a happy colour...

  9. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I love the yellow quilt and your art journal pages too. I will check out your flickr!

  10. Love your journal! I'm enjoying your blog! I use my journal to inspire quilt ideas :) I just love your "Shine"!!!!!!!!
    Hugs, Mickie


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