Saturday, 2 April 2011

My first postcard received!

I got my first postcard in the mail. It's from Andria. Isn't it great?

first postcard received

And I made my first ever mug rug. It's for my mum for mother's day. I followed the tutorial at a cuppa and a catch up although I did need more strips than the tutorial stated...not sure if that's my inability to follow instructions or not though ;-)

tea front

tea back


  1. Great postcard! But I'm really in love with your mug rug - I'd have to find a way to display both sides at once!

  2. I needed more strips as well - thought it was just me!! Haven't finished mine yet

  3. Thanks for the "shout out", Viv! I've been seeing more and more about these mug rugs online recently. Yours turned out really nicely...I could use one for my tea right about now! :-)

  4. OoOoh I love that postcard! The mug rugs you made are lovely also, what a wonderful idea, am off to check out the tute :)

  5. I love your mug rug :)
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my own that I made last week. They are fun aren't they!?


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