Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Books, Books, Glorious Books!

This weekend I went to the Autumn Quilt Festival. I was remarkably restrained when it came to buying fabric and threads...but then I hit the bookstands:

For some mixed media inspiration:

cps & alchemy

For some art quiltiness:

color & composition

And for some liberated loveliness:

log cabins & folk art

And I'm feeling newly inspired and raring to go!

Meanwhile, I have been beavering away at Fenced In, trying to get the quilting finished by the end of November. I have done most of the houses and trees now, but then there is the perimeter fence to do. Here's a few little tasters:

lighthouseorange stardotty house

The more I work on this quilt, the more I love it!


  1. Oh I do love a new craft book, my amazon wish list is off the scale (preparing to distribute it to family for christmas, hehe).
    Looks like you picked up some serious eye candy! The creative quilter is really singing to me!

  2. Don't talk to me about books! I'd love to own the log cabin one.

    Fenced In is looking good. Love those fabrics.

  3. I can never resist books! I'm sure you got enough inspiration to last for awhile.

    Your quilt sneak peeks look fantastic. The colors just jump off the monitor.

  4. Oh what fun...new books! I have Stitch Alchemy, but haven't really spent any time with it yet. You are MUCH better qualified to make use of it, so I look forward to seeing what it inspires for you. I LOVE your quilted houses...what a great project!


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