Saturday, 19 November 2011

A New Love Affair

Other than fabric, threads and art supplies, one other thing I cannot resist is books. I have been a bookworm all my life, and until recently I thought e-readers were a horrible idea. I love the smell of books, the feel of them in my hands, the beauty of a bookshelf stacked with books...why on earth would I want to read books on a gadget?

But then I saw my friend's Kindle and I started to warm to the idea. Like me, she reads fantasy novels and some of them are ridiculously long and heavy enough to cause an injury. And the writing on the Kindle screen looks just like the writing in a book; and you can make it bigger for when your eyes get tired; and you can look words up in the dictionary as soon as you come across them without even leaving your seat! I was convinced.

So when the taxman sent me a refund for £90, about the same as the cost of a Kindle, I figured this must be a sign and I treated myself...just in time for a few days' holiday. Yep, I could go away for a few days and take a stack of books with me, and still hold them all in one hand :-).

So here I am in the hotel, reading in bed with my Kindle:

kindle at bedtime

As you can see, Gman has gone for the more conventional book approach!

And here's my new love on the table in the hotel room:

kindle in the hotel

Shamefaced at carrying my new love round in a jiffy bag, as soon as I got back home I whipped up this case for it:

kindle next to cover
kindle on the inside
kindle on top of cover

I used the tute on 100 Billion Stars' blog, adjusting for the smaller size of the new Kindle. But the totally off centre button fastening is my own special take lol, and not part of the original instructions!


  1. I love my Kindle too. You are right when you say that some of the fantasy books are heavy, especially if they are a hardbound book. Read on!

  2. Oh good for you!!!! I'm asking for one for Christmas from my son. *G* We shall see! I love the case you made for it, that fabric is lovely!

  3. I got my Kindle about a year ago and I LOVE it, esp for travelling. And now you can borrow library books with it. Sweet!

  4. I love mine too and,like you, was very reluctant to give up that paper in my hand. Now I use both! The highlight function is fabulous too....

    AND all the classics are free, including fairytales!

  5. You guys look so cute, reading there together! At first, I didn't think I'd ever like a Kindle-type machine, but I have definitely gotten more interested in the idea. Love your case! Great fabric.

  6. Your Kindle cover turned out beautifully. Books and fabric are inseparable. Apparently, the same applies to e-books.


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