Monday, 28 December 2009

Sewing Goals for 2010

I thought now would be a good time to set out my sewing goals for 2010.  Once they're here in writing, I can't go back!

My main sewing objective for 2010 is learning to make quilts.  More specifically, I will aim to:

1. Complete the sewalong "Stay at Home Quilt" from Popular Patchwork magazine.

2. Complete Jacob's Ladder Scrap Quilt from the wonderful Katharine Guerrier book Scrap Quilt Sensation

3. Make a start on a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt - English paper pieced,  by hand, so not expecting to finish for...oooooh...5 to 7 years or so!!

I would also like to attempt to:

4. Make something I can wear (not high fashion, but maybe a wrap, or some pyjama bottoms)

5. Sew something involving inserting a zip as I have never done this before.

And I can't forget Morsbagging:

6.  Reach target of 100 Morsbags by the end of 2010

I will keep you posted on my progress :-)

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