Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Story Sew Far...

To start off my new blog, I thought I would list all the things I have sewn so far.  Until I listed them, I hadn't realised quite how much I had done!!  So here goes...

  • 65 Morsbags

  • 5 treat bags

  • a cushion cover

  • a draught excluder

  • 4 stuffed hearts

  • a felt ghost

  • 3 felt gnomes

  • an angel for the christmas tree

  • fabric bunting

  • a wallet

  • 6 patchwork coasters

  • a bizarre patchwork animal

  • 3 crayon rolls

  • numerous beanbags (the s0rt you throw rather than the sort you sit on!)

  • 2 pincushions

  • a cloth sanitary pad

  • a pink felt purse

  • several patchwork greetings cards

  • a pinny out of a teatowel

And did I mention the 65 Morsbags?!?!?

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