Thursday, 10 March 2011

Bees, Birthdays and Babies

B for Brenda
Brenda over at Scraps and Strings will soon be celebrating a special birthday. She has put a call out for people to send her free pieced "B" blocks to make a birthday quilt. When I saw this, I thought "Yesssssssss! The perfect use for this fabric". Waddya reckon?

Hope she likes it! And if you want to make a letter "B" for Brenda, you have until 6th April to get it to her.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine is expecting a baby this summer and I have promised her a quilt. I have decided to keep it simple, with a Chinese coins design and have sewed the first strip of coins:

first strip of coins

The fabrics are all from my stash, although quite a few are leftovers from charm packs I bought for making my hexagon charm quilt so it does have a bit more of a "co-ordinated" feel than most things I make. Once I have five strips of coins, I will add white sashing. Although I love liberated and free pieced quiltmaking, it's sometimes nice to sew together pieces that are all precut the same size, just to get into a mindless rhythm.

journal wip
I have made a start on my March journal quilt but it's just not quite right. I scanned it into the computer to see if I could play with it and work out what's wrong. I need to integrate the red square somehow - not sure if it's repetition of colour, or shape or size I need; or something else entirely?! I am hoping if I look at it long enough the answer will come to me :-)


  1. I love your B and the visual pun is wonderful! I'm sure Brenda will be very pleased.

  2. Your B[ee] block is just great, I'm sure she'll love it! Your coins are very pretty, that's my go-to pattern when I need a quilt in a hurry - not sure why, as it has a lot of seams, lol. But the mindless repetition is soothing. The journal quilt is really pretty!

  3. That bee fabric is so pretty, I am sure she will love it! Can't wait to see more of your journal quilt <3

  4. Love the Bee fabric too.

    The Chinese coins quilt looks lovely. Do I spy some Kaffe Fassett fabric?


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