Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Spring Comes to the Cabin

spring comes to the cabin

I finished my journal quilt for March. The technique for the month was applique. I used hand applique for the stem, and machine applique (fused) for the leaves. The background was made with a leftover quilt block from this quilt. I have called this journal "Spring Comes to the Cabin" a reference to the red square of a traditional log cabin block and because, well, it looks a bit like a vine growing in front of a cabin! (or maybe a giant beanstalk?!?)

I must admit, of the journal quilts I have made, this is my least favourite. I think it's mainly because it doesn't have any particular meaning to me. I like the composition and the colours well enough, but don't really feel like I put much of myself in it. It could be partly to do with the lack of hand stitching. I am beginning to realise that hand stitching makes me feel more connected to a piece.

postcard 1postcard 2postcard 3

As well as the journal quilt, I have knocked up a few postcards for iHanna's swap. These are pretty experimental for me. The backgrounds are some Vilene which I dyed using transfer/disperse dyes. I used these quite diluted and the effect is maybe a little toooo subtle. Next time I think I will thicken to make them more paint like. Then I used the embellisher machine to integrate merino wool fibres, scrim and various sheers, and added hand stitching. I have backed them with a muslin stiffened with fusible Vilene. They are pretty sturdy so hopefully will stand up to the postal service!

amish adventure

On my ever-expanding "projects I want to tackle soon" list is making a quilt with solids,so I was quite excited at this weekend's Spring Quilt Festival at Chilford to find this lovely bundle of Kona solids. Even better, a copy of Roberta Horton's "An Amish Adventure" in the reduced section of one of the bookstalls. I can't wait to get started...but first I am must finish piecing my friend's baby quilt...sigh...


  1. I like it, but you know me, ever plain and simple, or perhaps striking, which is what it is.

    I totally agree about the hand quilting bit. Really does make you feel connected to the work in hand. That's why I hate passing on the Q4L quilts. I always kiss them before I package them up to wish them on their way and hope they'll be loved.

    Viv - will you please stop finding cheap books. You know how much I hate it when you do that! This time in 4 weeks I'll be with Mum doing all the charity shops and NO, you can't come! LOL.


  2. I love it Viv, the title fits it perfectly! Your postcards are gorgeous and boy am I drooling over those Kona solids, lol!

  3. I love the journal quilt, Viv. The beanstalk outside the cabin is very creative. Hand quilting is slow, but rewarding, I agree. But think of how many more of those creative ideas will come to fruition if you simplify the process. That doesn't mean you have to give it up altogether.
    I just returned from Amish Country in Pennsylvania. I visited the quilt museum in Lancaster that had all Amish quilts on display. What a treat....


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