Monday, 31 January 2011

Houses, Rust n Holes in Hearts

This week on my design wall floor:

village on design floor

Now that I have finished Gman's quilt top, it's time to turn to Waif's. The planned layout is a strip of wonky fences, then house blocks, then more wonky fences, more houses, lastly a strip of wonky fences. So I can see from laying it out that I need to make a load more fences. Then I can sew the middle together and see what I need in the way of borders.

I've made a start on my next Christmas present for Allie's Christmas Through the Year. It's going to be made into a name panel for my nephew Ewan. I am just loving this crazy swirly orange fabric:


I have also had some fun rust dyeing a few bits and pieces for my next journal quilt. I collected together some random fabrics - white patterned quilting cotton, wadding, open weave cotton, ricrac and lace - laid them in an old washing up bowl and covered with random rusty stuff - old washers, nails, a toy car, plus some steel wool:

2 artefacts added

Next, five year old Waif enjoyed spraying them with a mixture of vinegar and water:

3 spraying with vinegar mix

Then we placed the tray in a bin bag, weighted down with some books and left overnight.

Next day, we had an assortment of rust dyed fabrics to play with:

4 after
5 after close up lace
6 rusty stuff on the line (1)

To set the dye, we soaked in a salt water mix, then washed as usual.

I was disappointed with the quilting cotton, this didn't really take on much of the rust but just LOVE the effect on the open weave cotton, the wadding and the lace.

I am going to integrate some of these pieces into my next journal quilt, which I have made a start on:
february wip

You might also notice the holey burnt hearts. Yes, I have a new toy - a heat gun :-). Be afraid. Be very afraid.


  1. Love the orange fabric too.

    Can I come over and play please?

  2. Love how your village is progressing. The dye experiments looked fun. Did you wash the quilting cotton first? It maybe that the manufacturing paste stopped the 'rust' taking?

  3. May I join the play date? This is great stuff. Aren't the toys that art quilters use just getting better and better!

  4. Very cute quilt!

    Your journaling fabric is very cool. Have not been brave enough to try something like that yet...

  5. I love the colours in your house quilt. Looks like you had fun with the rusting as well. Angela

  6. I love orange fabric also! Your quilt top is so fun!!

  7. These house rock! Love the colors Love the shapes and you are inspiring me to start USING my heat gun I bought this summer. LOL
    Thanks for joining my blog today! Come often!

  8. That village quilt has left me speechless, from the choice of colours to the actual blocks (WOW), you are one talented lady. I love your blog, the colour, oh the colour! Thanks for sharing <3

  9. Love the houses!!
    Isn't it wonderful what rust can do?It is always a surprise :)


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