Sunday, 16 January 2011

Lily - Take Two

Lily take 2
OK, I admit it, I couldn't really live with the previous attempt at "LILY".  It was just too damn straight.  So I tried again with bolder colours; without using precut strips; using scissors instead of a rotary cutter; eyeballing the shapes...and it is sooooooooooooo much better!  The previous attempt was ok but not really "Auntie Viv" enough ;-)

Hope Lily likes it!


  1. Oh yes - I like this one a lot more.
    It is hard to see where it is pieced - almost looks more appliquéd.

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! It's perfectly wonderful!

  3. Yes, this one is much better....much more playful.

  4. I love it! Really fun, and I love B&W with brights. (I have that pink fabric in orange.) These letters look really free.

  5. I hope your Lily loves it too!!!!! I do - very fun.


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