Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Journal Quilt Work-in-Progress

You may remember in this post I mentioned that a friend (J) and I were planning to make a series of journal quilts this year, one for each month. After some discussion, we decided that rather than having a theme for each month, we would explore a new technique each month. J was lucky enough to get a copy of Liberated Quiltmaking II for Christmas so we agreed on liberated piecing for January. OK, so it's not a new technique for me, but I had never made a liberated basket before so I have given that a go and here it is in progress:

January WIP

I started off by piecing a mini liberated log cabin block from which I cut my basket shape, then cut a bias strip for the handle. I found it really quite tricky to get the handle to lie flat so not sure if I did it quite right, or if I'm just a bit ham fisted!! Once pieced I started adding some hand stitching. As my stitching invariably means a scruffy backside (!) I have done this just through the front and the wadding and will add the backing later, perhaps ditch quilting around the basket through all three layers. I am really loving the kantha-style quilting. I have been desperate to try it since getting this book from a show last year and felt this was a perfect piece to try it out on (ie not too big/daunting). It really has lent a wonderful textural element.

If you're wondering about the strange pink crosses, then all will be explained when I finish the quiltlet and explain the "concept" behind my choices :-)

Next month's technique will be using a woven base, and March's is to be applique.  I have several ideas running through my head for these already...this is going to be such a fun project!


  1. What! No ric-rac? Are you feeling ok? LOL

    Seriously - it's lovely.

  2. LOL, would have used some ricrac, but didn't have any pink!

  3. This sounds like an awesome project - I love your first block! I love the kantha quilting too! I'm going to really enjoy seeing you create these!

  4. You have provided the inspiration to get me started on my New Year resolution...to make one art quilt per month. I love the basket, and the quilting and the background and the......

  5. Cute basket Viv and love the liberatedness of it. You'v piqued my curiousity about the Kantha Embroidery as well as your Crosses. I'll be back. 8)



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