Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Not Very Unruly Letters

I had my first go at making some unruly letters a la Tonya.  It's the beginnings of a name panel for my niece:


I think it's maybe a little bit toooooo ruly!  And I'm not altogether happy with the Y...should have used wider strips for the top part...but I'm liberated, she's 3 years old, who's judging?!!

I am planning on making little name panel quilts for nieces and nephews for next Christmas so hopefully I will get this one quilted, embellished and blinged up in time for the end of January to share over on Allie's blog.  Then I can start on the others.  I did Lily's first because she has the shortest name - lazy, moi?


  1. What a great first attempt! Yay!

    My letter often come out more "ruly" than not ... and I have come to appreciate them as my own style. But an unruly-er quilter suggested I slide the individual letters up and down (so they aren't all lined up on the bottom) and if you want to make your words more unruly, you could try that.

  2. LOVE your attitude, Viv! That's how we should be! Can't wait to see more!

  3. Thanks for your positive words ladies :-). Will try the sliding up and down for my next attempt.

  4. I think they're great! I don't even want to think what mine would come out like - probably wouldn't be able to read them at all. You did good!

  5. I've discovered that first letters are often pretty ruly. and then as you explore they get more fun... don't throw this block out - keep it for an orphan quilt, use it on the back, or send it to me!


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