Monday, 13 June 2011

Ah, sewing...!

Regular readers may have been wondering what happened to the sewing part of the "Sew Much Progress"...but I have been sewing, I promise! It's just that it's mainly been hand quilting and that makes for sloooooow progress. But I made it!!! I finished quilting Gman's red and black quilt. I am waiting for a sunny day and a willing and able volunteer to hold it up in order to get a photograph of the whole thing but here's a little taster:


I went for fairly simple, unmarked quilting using pearl cottons and a big needle. I can't imagine going back to tiny between needles and regular hand quilting thread now!

I have also been dabbling in a bit of arty stuff. I painted another spread in my old Eagle annual:


This is made of layers of gesso and watercolour paints. The buildings were constructed by scraping acrylic paint using an old credit card, then details added with a variety of markers. Something was missing so I highlighted a selection of random words from the story underneath and quite like the effect:

cityscape close up

I completed the next week's spread in my Good Things Moleskine:

good things wc 6 june 2011

And, of course, there's been more index cards for Daisy Yellow's Index-Card-a-Day challenge. Here's today's:

icad 13 june


  1. That quilt is STUNNING!! I've not tried big quilting yet, it's on my list of things I want to try. Was it hard pulling the pearle cotton through?

    I love your buildings, putting the words in there was a brilliant touch. Your drawings are wonderful, Viv!

  2. Big needles and pearl cotton!
    Go girl!

  3. The quilt looks fantastic! The red and black is so stunning and I like the pattern/design.

    Your journal spreads look great, too. The buildings done with the credit card are my favs. And using the random words adds the perfect touch.

  4. Wow, wow, wow! That quilt is quite a project! Love you skyline journal spread.

  5. The buildings are so cool. Love the style.

  6. Your art journaling and quilt are both fantastic! Love the idea of Good things moleskins (have 3 untouched as I am saving them for something special :))!!
    And the index card a day is wonderful too!!! I signed up!! Thanks for all the lovely ideas!!!


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