Friday, 3 June 2011

Planning Big

Since finishing off three bed-sized quilt tops earlier in the year, I have been working mainly on smaller projects - journal quilts, name panels, fabric postcards - but now I am yearning to get my teeth into something a bit bigger again.

Last night I sat and did a rough sketch of a quilt that's been brewing in my mind for a while now, and which I am calling "hug a tree" :-) I am thinking something a bit Gwen and Freddie, but with a mixture of liberated piecing and applique. My idea is that the quilt will be made up of different trees, all on yellow backgrounds and with the trunks made up of black and white fabrics, and the tops various bright colours - hot pink, lime green, polka dots, swirls... To give the eye somewhere to rest between all this I am thinking black and white sawtooth and flying geese strips. Oh yes, and a big smiling sun somewhere at the top :-). Here's a very rough plan of what I have in mind:

hug a tree sketch

Once I'd made the sketch, I raided my stash to see what suitable fabrics I had, and put together this little pile:

fabrics for hug a tree

The top row will be the tree tops, the middles for the trunks and borders, and the bottom row of yellows the background fabrics. Yum yum.

Can't quite believe I already had all of this fabric in my stash *blush* - that's what comes of having multiple hiding places storage areas for fabric I guess ;-)

Meanwhile, I have been steadily hand quilting Gman's red and black quilt and am confident that this will be complete by the end of this month. Watch this space.

And the whole family's been getting involved with Daisy Yellow's index card a day challenge. Here's one I prepared earlier:

index cards - 2 june1

The others (including ones the boys have doen) you can see in my Flickr set here:


  1. Those fabrics are gorgeous. It's going to be another Viv special. Can't wait to see Gman's quilt.

  2. Oh my goodness - you will have to write a pattern for this quilt - it's going to be spectacular, I love it already! And I love your octopus!

  3. Those are some fabulous fabrics you have in your stash! How amazing to design such a beautiful and complex quilt...I look forward to watching the project unfold! (Hey, that's a pun!)


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