Thursday, 30 June 2011

Christmas Through the Year - June - Gift Tags

I'm a bit embarrassed by my paltry contribution to CTTY this month, but every little helps, right? And anyway this is counted thread embroidery and it takes ages. Well, it takes me ages anyway ;-)Eagle eyed readers might spot a few miscounted threads...I prefer to think of this as 50 stitches in the right place rather than 1 or 2 in the wrong place!

christmas gift tags 1

christmas gift tags 2

The trees were from a cushion pattern in an old blackwork book.

For some real inspiration, including Allie's super cute Christmas pudding decoration, head on over here.


  1. I think they're darling!!! And yes they do take ages - ALL handwork takes ages. No matter the size. Super sweet, Viv, you did good!

  2. Those are adorable - I know exactly how long those little guys take, too - they're quite time consuming!

  3. Viv these are so cute,well done

  4. Hello Viv, cute little gift cards....Warm Regards, Lyn


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