Saturday, 25 June 2011

Positivity (Mostly)

This week, I've tried to make my ICADs reflect the positives of each day.

So Monday was the fact that I had got my hexagon project out again:

icad 20 june hexies

Tuesday was a celebration of getting these four drawing books from a charity stall for a £1:

drawing books

icad 21 june

Wednesday and Friday were celebrating being out in nature in two new (to me) locations:

icad 22 juneicad 24 june

And Thursday I was excited about black gesso:

icad 23 june

Today, erm, I am particularly grumpy and uninspired:

icad 25 june

Gee, I can't be a shining beacon of positivity all the time :-)

In other news, I hand quilted an orphan block left over from Waif's quilt, and am calling in my journal quilt for June (is that cheating?!). I used pearl cottons and edged with yummy jumbo rickrack:

Jazz House


  1. First, I love the drawings of the body parts! What a great book find, too! Next, I love the black gesso paint, may have to get that! Third, your journal quilt is so lovely! Love coming by to visit Viv :), cheers!

  2. Your index cards look great! And what a bargain you got on the books! The drawing card shows how much they inspired you. And your last card made me laugh. We all have days like that.

  3. I love the fact that your index cards are becoming a journal for you, and reflect what's going on (the good AND the bad!). Very good approach to the project, I think (not that I'm actually DOING the project, so maybe I shouldn't be giving my two cents!) :-)

  4. How lovely to catch up with you here. We've been away. so much to see and enjoy here. thank you.

  5. I love all your cards! Being a fan of birds...I really like the June 22 one with the birds. :)


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