Thursday, 21 July 2011

Dotty over the Hexalong

If you don't already know, there's a Hexalong going on over at Lily's Quilts. Why don't you join in the fun?!

I am planning to continue with my hexagon charm quilt. Progress as of today here:

hexagons progress 21 july

But I have also been falling in love with BIG hexies made up of smaller parts, in particular 60 degree diamond star hexies. I have put together a bit of an inspiration gallery over on Flickr:

English Paper Piecing tutorial for Hexalong!HALcandied hexagonsfinished quiltMerrill (L) and Jessica (R), progress as of June 29, 201160degreediamonds17may-1
Hexagon Crazyfirst set of hexies for the HALFinished Mug Rugayanes star (Travel Quilt #1)DSC002716 point diamonds
60 degree diamond star hexie for HALtravel quilt #2

Hexalong Inspirations, a gallery on Flickr.

I think (don't hold me to this!) I want to do something like summerfete's Summer of Love quilt, which you can see on her blog here. And because I'm feeling a bit dotty, I thought I would make all the stars with dotty and spotty fabrics. I'm not sure how I managed to inadvertently collect so many spotty fabrics but I pulled together all these from my stash:

hexalong fabrics

Cos of using the incompetech graph paper (thanks for the tip Lilys Quilts) if I decide the dotty stars are just toooooo much I can make some big plain coloured hexies to go in between them. I am thinking maybe light grey for those, I am just too grubby for white lol.

Oooh, the excitement!!

And because my ICADs reflect what I am reading about, or doing, or thinking about, you won't be surprised to see my card for today:

icad 21 july


  1. Great ICAD! I don't do quilting, but your posts have me wishing that I could find a hexagon paper punch for some paper projects.

  2. I am not, not not doing hexagons - I'll admire them and that's as far as I'll go, lol! Love your dots and drawing.

  3. I really must start mine off again. I was going through the scrap bins and I can get rid of half of it if I start doing hexies again.

  4. Very pretty ICAD! And wonderful quilt!

  5. Great hexagon quilt! And the idea of a dotty one, well -- WOW!! I love the icad. Simply lovely and fun!


  6. I love your quilt ICAD! I like quilting but its taken back burner to my other artistic projects.


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