Saturday, 2 July 2011

A Truckload of Index Cards

Last week, my index cards reflected what I had been doing. This week, they are more of a reflection on what I have been reading, namely Ajahn Brahm's rather wonderful book "Who Ordered this Truckload of Dung?". Brahm is a Buddhist priest and the book is full of short stories/anecdotes that put across Buddhist principles in an incredibly accessible, warm and funny way. In fact I think that most people could relate to the truths in many of these stories, whatever their religious beliefs. Anyway, here are the cards, with a brief explanation of what they are all about!


icad 26 june

Based on a story of an English general in a seemingly doomed position, who decided the best course of action was to take no action but to stay put and make a cup of tea. The wisdom of "when there's nothing to do, do nothing". And a very English answer to a problem ;-)


icad 27 june

About choosing to focus on the positives of a given situation.


icad 28 june

The big stones are the priorities in your life...get them sorted FIRST!


icad 29 june

Inspired by a story about a newly wed couple arguing over whether a sound was a chicken or a duck, about to come to blows over it before the "correct" party realised the relationship was more important than being right, and conceded that the quacking was, indeed, a chicken!

By Thursday, I had run out of stories I could illustrate, so instead copied out a much loved poem by Kabir:

icad 30 june

Friday's card was inspired by a story I read about cholesterol not being the bad guy it's made out to be:

icad 1 july

And today, I have started reading a new book, Noah Levine's "The Heart of the Revolution":

icad 2 july

Yes, I do like to read :-)


  1. That first one, with the tea, sums up my philosophy perfectly, I sit here with a cup of tea....great cards, Viv! I'd read a story about stones in a jar awhile back, excellent illustration of it.

  2. Super cool cards! I like the way you've illustrated the stories/thoughts....and they're good ones. I'm putting that book on my reading list. Thanks for the link.

  3. Love your cards...the messages on them are so great!

  4. Great cards! You are really being thoughtful about what you do with this project.


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