Monday, 18 July 2011

Seven Orphans to the Burning Man

This week I am sending seven orphans off to the Burning Man! Before you call the police, read Christina's post over on a few scraps. She and her husband are planning to take a treadle sewing machine to the extraordinary sounding Burning Man Festival for what she describes as "a fun experiment in collaborative art". I like the idea of my humble British patchwork being sewn into something new and wonderful in the Nevada desert, so volunteered to make and send a few blocks. The blocks needed to be 12 inches, so I added random scraps and borders to a few orphans left over from various quilting projects. They are very random - I almost literally picked up bits and pieces of fabrics lying around my sewing area and added them :-). Hopefully they will fit the bill!

orphan blocks  (7)orphan blocks  (6)orphan blocks  (5)orphan blocks  (4)orphan blocks  (3)orphan blocks  (2)orphan blocks  (1)

In other quilty news, I have decided to sign up to Lily Quilts' Hexalong. I have already re-started on my hexagon scrap quilt from last summer so will carry on with this, but having seen the beautiful hexagon sampler quilt posted here, I *may* have to start a new project to make something along these lines too. This will be my main quilting project for the upcoming months, cos I am still having trouble using my sewing machine much without exacerbating my back pain. Grrrrrrr. But an excuse to hand sew isn't such a bad thing ;-)


Oh, and not forgetting this week's Good Things:

good things wc 11 july 2011

If you'd have asked me, I'd have said it hadn't been a very good week, but keeping this journal just goes to show me that good things are happening all the time, if only you take the time to notice them!


  1. Those blocks are 100% gorgeous. Lucky Christina.

    Home made Coleslaw is the best. Years and years ago I made some for a BBQ. Everyone said it was the best they'd ever tasted. Can I find the recipe now? Can I heck!


  2. Wow Burning Man - I remember seeing a documentary on that once, didn't know it was still around. Taking a treadle sounds great! Love the blocks you did, and your good things!

  3. How exciting to be part of that collaborative project! Still loving your "good things" pages...someday I'll follow through and get into the habit myself!

  4. Awesome, Viv! Oh, the things that I have heard about the whole Burning Man experience! It really must be something, and how awesome that you are not, in your own way, part of it!!

  5. Thanks again for participating! These are all great. I really like red so the ones with red centers are my favorite!


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