Saturday, 9 July 2011

Golden Girl

The baby quilt I have been making for my friend is now finished! And the baby is due any day now! I was about three quarters through the machine quilting when I started having trouble with my back so abandoned it for a while. Luckily, my rather wonderful mum stepped in to finish the quilting off for me so it would be done in time. Thanks mum :-)

marigolds and quilt

As it's a baby quilt I figured it would be a good idea to wash it first and it's come out lovely and soft and crinkly. Although, looking at the photo, maybe a little too crinkly lol - maybe a steam iron wouldn't go amiss?! Waif certainly thinks it's good enough for cuddling:

waif with baby quilt

Oh, and mum thinks I should call the quilt Golden Girl (it's golden and it's for a girl!), hence the post title.

I have carried on with the ICAD Challenge, though this week I struggled with any sort of theme, so they're rather a mixed bunch!

I did a doodly patterned one:

icad 3 july

A silly collage:

ICAD - Come in no.8

A Greek vase pattern:

icad 5 july

An extract from the Metta Sutta:

icad 6 july

A quick Modigliani inspired watercolour portrait:

icad 7 july

A doodle inspired by an exhibition by "Seven":

icad 8 july

And a collage to remember today's visit to Blickling Hall:

icad 9 july

The boys have also been joining in with the ICAD Challenge and you can see their cards, as well as all mine, in my Flickr set here. This week will see us half way through the ICAD Challenge, how shall we celebrate our achievement?!


  1. The baby quilt is so pretty. I just love the colors you used. Yellow is fresh and happy.

    And your index cards are great! I like how you make them all with different techniques. I seem to be stuck in a collage rut!!

  2. Cute quilt with just the right amount of crinkly!

    Your cards are fun. Trying that would cause me a lot of anxiety, though seeing yours it makes me want to try!

  3. This is such a lovely summery quilt for a summer baby. I'm sure it will be cherished for ever.

  4. I love all the cards...I don't know which to pick as a favorite...the one with seven on it is intriguing...but love them all. The quilt is's not too crinkly at the colors you chose for it.

  5. the quilt is gorgeous (and cute little guy too) and the 'silly' card is a hoot! great fun these index cards, aren't they?

  6. A lovely quilt and a handsome quilt holder...
    I'm happy that you are rocking along with the ICAD challenge and are finding something unique to try each day with your card. I'll follow a theme for a day or two and then switch to something else!


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